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Getting Started With Abide

Installing the Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Extracting Abide

  • Download the latest version of Abide and open the ZIP file
  • Click Extract All Files in the menu
  • Choose a good location to extract Abide and all of it's associated files
  • Make sure Show extracted files when complete is checked
  • Click Extract
  • In the window that shows after the extraction is complete, double-click Abide

Configuring File Associations

  • Upon first run of the program, a dialog will show and it will ask you which file types you would like to associate with Abide.
  • It's recommended that you leave .aao checked in. You may or may not want to associate .map files with Abide. If you don't know what you're doing, just leave them both checked.
  • Click Apply
  • You can edit the associations in the future by going into the Abide Menu and choosing Edit then File Associations

Configuring Abide

  • In the Abide Menu, choose Edit then Settings to open the settings dialog.
  • In this dialog, there are quite a few settings that you can edit. These settings are:
    • Abide Theme
    • Halo 2 and Halo 2 Plugins Directories
    • Halo 2 Retail and Beta External Map Paths

Understanding Plugins

First off, plugins are not the same thing as AddOns!
A Halo plugin is essentially an instruction set for reading and writing data to and from the Halo Map File.

Plugins are written in XML, and are use the .ent file extension.

You can download a mostly correct set of plugins from the Remnantmods Halo Modding Forums

Installing, Removing and Updating Abide AddOns

In this section we'll be covering You might be asking yourself "What is an Abide AddOn?"
Abide AddOns are what add functionality to the program. You can think of Abide as a platform for all kinds of tools and widgets.

Abide AddOns are compiled into a .aao file (Abide AddOn Package) and can be installed using Abide.

Installing Abide AddOns

  • Note: Installing new AddOns and Updating AddOns are the same process, so treat the upgrade as installing a new AddOn.
  • Navigate to your .aao Abide AddOn Package File.
  • If Abide is associated with the .aao type, you can simply double-click the file, and wait for the AddOn Installed message to appear.
  • If Abide is not associated with the .aao type, you can follow these steps to install an Abide AddOn
    • Note: You need some sort of archive manager such as 7-Zip or WinRAR (I personally recommend 7-Zip)
    • Open the .aao file in your archive manager
    • Open Abide and load a Halo Map file into the editor
    • In the Map Editor, Click Tools then AddOns and lastly, click Open AddOns Folder
    • Once the folder window shows, create a new folder with the name of the AddOn Package.
      • If the folder already exists, open it instead
    • Go into the newly created folder. Drag all of the contents of the .aao in the archive manager into the newly created folder
      • If windows asks to overwrite existing files, choose yes
    • Note: Abide won't automatically detect the newly installed AddOns, and will require reloading the map. Alternatively you can load the AddOn assembly, but you would need to know which binary to choose.

Removing Abide AddOns

  • In the Map Editor, Click Tools then AddOns and lastly, click Open AddOns Folder
  • Once the folder window shows, delete the folder with the name of the AddOn Package you want removed

Abide Themes

Abide Themes are skins for the main application UI. This feature is planned to be removed, or completely re-done, so I will not provide information on it yet.

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